A Blog Carnival?

A Blog what?  Six months ago, that's what I would have asked.  But today I am actually participating in one.  So, for my friends who have never experienced a blog carnival, I will attempt to explain what one is.

Generally speaking, a blog carnival is when someone gathers links to different posts by different bloggers.All the links are on  the same theme. The blogger who gathers  these links in one post is the host of that carnival.  You could then visit the host's blog, see the post (the blog carnival)  in which they have gathered all the links and tied them together with introductory notes and small explanations.  Clear as mud?

It's really not that complicated.  Here is the link to the latest Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival where I have two submissions from past posts, "Firsts" and "Motto".  So, go grab your favorite warm beverage and read through.  Who knows? You might be inspired, find new ideas or discover a new favorite blog in the process.

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