In the Queue and a Carnival

Tonight I get to present a talk on Shakespeare to the Book Study Group.  I really love doing that.  I've got some Shakespeare posts in the queue!  So for today, I have a link to the latest Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival in which my "Great Books and Great Ideas" post is featured.  Take some time and enjoy reading all the posts over at Holistic Homeschooler.


  1. awww. I miss all the carnaval fun! We are reading Midsummer Night's Dream in the original. It is our first time reading straight Shakespeare. My boys are 11 & 10... we had previously attempted on a play we were less familiar with, but are having better luck with this one since we all know the storyline so well. I'm really enjoying it. :)

    amy in peru

  2. That should be 'carnival.' I get all confused because in Peru it's called carnaval... :S