On Being a Pushover

There are two situations in which my children can count on me being a complete pushover.  The first is pregnancy.*

KIDS:  Mom, can we have ice cream?
ME:  Don't be ridiculous.  It's 9 in the morning and you just had breakfast.
KIDS:  Please?
ME:  Fine.

The second situation is when the sun first begins to shine again upon our  frozen tundra called Minnesota.  Like today, for instance.   I sat out in the 40 degree air on our porch, wrapped up in blankets like a tb patient outside a sanatorium in an old black and white movie, perfectly happy in my skin's vitamin D production due to the warm rays.

KIDS: So, Mom, should we do our readings out here?
ME:  Good idea.
KIDS:  How about Math and Latin?
ME:  I'm game.
KIDS:  Should we just table the tablework for today?
ME:  Sounds like a plan.

Normally, I'm a stay-on-track and by-golly-we've-got-a-schedule-to-keep kind of gal.  But watching little Cheney stare at a woodpecker for 15 straight minutes and seeing the kids excitedly take pictures of the cooing  mourning dove on the neighbor's ridgepole reminds me that there is life outside to be lived.  And hearing that glorious honking of geese for the first time in months tells me it's time for a change of pace. Nature Study, anyone?


*Of course I'm not!


  1. I'm in! Birds, botany, and MUD..here we come! Cooped up too long! That was one of the coldest winters, ever!

  2. Bummer about the pregnancy! lol! I know, the sun is calling...and all nature is starting to come alive! We simply must obey the call to go outside! And of ice cream, I will there tomorrow morning. Make mine that kind with chocolate covered cherries in vanilla. MMMMm!

  3. I'd love to snuggle under a rug on your porch reading a book aloud... sigh. So appealing!

  4. Goooood for you and your gang! It's so important to acknowledge the beauty of God's creation, everything else can wait!

  5. We've been out for weeks. The lizards are out, the bunnies are out. The weeds are out. The desert looks shaggy at this time of year. Now we watch for snakes and keep the garage doors closed. And now we watch for the last day that we can see snow on the mountains. It should be just about gone by the end of June, there is a lot of snow up there this year...oh how we mark the passage of time...

  6. Oh, I am totally with you!
    I'm a pushover with buying books and craft materials. I almost never say no. (But remember we have no bookstores with English books where we live, so it's not such a danger.) We've been spending lots more time outdoors. I think it's only smart. When it's miserable in the summer, we can study inside with the AC.

  7. This is the time of year when we love to be outside! Can't say we've been overly productive when it comes to bookwork the past couple days, but it will hot and humid soon. Reason enough to stay indoors and catch up on what we've missed. It all evens out. Enjoyed the post!:)

  8. I'm assuming you are doing the same thing this year! When it starts to warm up here after the long winter I am as malleable as warm putty.