Surprise Trust Falls

Little Jack tells me that he has been participating in some new collegiate hi-jinks.  This one is called "surprise trust falls."  You know about trust falls, the team-building exercise where one person stands in the middle of a circle of colleagues or up on a platform and then falls, depending on the others to catch him and prevent his head from splitting open? Well, apparently the twist is you simply yell out "trust fall!" in the middle of an unsuspecting crowd and tip over, relying on the startled onlookers to catch you.  Never mind that Little Jack is 6'8".  What happened to stuffing phone booths and swallowing goldfish?
Both homeschooling and life are a little like that.  You just never know when a new idea or opportunity might show up and you need to react quickly.  Just yesterday we were driving through town and Lizzie Bee yells, "Mom - LOOK!"  I quickly glance over and there, between two houses in a shady area, was a stunning carpet of blue flowers.  "Can we please go get our notebooks and come back to sketch them?"

As you can see by the pictures, we did go back.  I've worked hard this year on having a ready "yes".  "Yes" for the side trips, "yes" for the five little neighbors who want a drink and snack, "yes" to staying up and watching a movie with my dh when I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I'm so glad it's spring.  Can anyone guess what type of wildflower this is?



  1. Great for saying YES. And my guess about the flower http://www.ct-botanical-society.org/galleries/sisyrinchiumangu.html

    That's a link to the stout blue eyed grass, common in Connecticut. Forgive me and correct me if I'm wrong. Is that your State flower? Ours is the bluebonnet.


  2. Silvia,
    Our state flower (MN) is the pink and white lady slipper - gorgeous, but I've never seen one around here. I love your bluebonnets! I don't think what we found was the blue-eyed grass, mainly because the stems are not like grass and quite different. Thanks for guessing, though! We'll get to the bottom of this...

  3. Is it a Spring Star? It is very beautiful!

  4. For the record, I am caught almost half the time doing surprise trust falls.

  5. Now I NEED to know the answer. :D

  6. I think I know, but I'm going to confirm it with the property owner - a sweet, retired first grade teacher - tomorrow. I'll let you know!

  7. I have been told that this wildflower is called scilla. I believe it would be the Siberian squill. Here is a link to more info:

    Who knew?

    Thanks for guessing, everyone!

  8. Oh boy, I didn't realize they were wildflowers. I'm pretty sure we have one or two in one of our flower beds. They were there from the previous owners, so I've never known for sure what they were. Hope you can find out :o)

  9. Thanks for revealing us the answer...and did that opening in a new window work?