The Magic Meadow

Our family has built up our home library over the course of about 15 years, learning about what's good and what's great as we went along.  So when my friend Sally blessed me with a D'aulaire title I had never seen, I was a bit giddy.  After I read it to the kids, they were a bit excited, too.

The book she passed my way is called The Magic Meadow by that venerable author/illlustrator team of  Ingri and Edgar Parin D'aulaire (Edgar studied under Matisse.) Many of the D'aulaire's titles are familiar staples in homeschools - Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to name a few.  My favorite is either The Lord's Prayer or Wings for Per. But this gift was a new title for me.

It takes place in the Swiss Alps and follows Peterli and his grandfather through their daily lives.  It includes connection-making  references to William Tell, the Ice King, The Monastery of St. Bernard, cheese making, bears at Berne, cable cars and the Peace Palace, which turns out to be the Palace of Nations in Geneva.  This made for an introduction to the United Nations.  At one point there is an odd situation where Peterli learns that "The treasure lay in the tourist's pocket!" and we learn about how we can charge tourists to hike the magic meadow and make lots of money.  (!)

Overall, a very delightful book with the outstanding illustrations the D'aulaires are famous for.


  1. What a wonderful gift from your friend! I've not heard of this title either...

  2. Yes, it's a new title for me too...the illustrations are so beautiful. I also appreciate the pic by the couple. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How interesting! We enjoyed their books as well.

  4. I really enjoy their books. We recently read D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls. Thanks for sharing!