Charlotte Mason Education Conference

Despite travel delays and wrong terminals, I made it to Canada!  I had the privilege of sitting  next to a retired Classics professor from the University of California - Berkeley.  When he found out we read Plutarch in our school, he happily regaled me with some fascinating stories of his visits to Greece on archeology digs and his knowledge of the moral philosopher.  I was totally engaged and the next thing I knew, we had landed.

I think the influence of Charlotte Mason's philosophy is about to expand exponentially. I heard about dozens of exciting projects in the works such as the new ChildLight USA curriculum, new books on CM, new schools, annotated versions of her books, teacher/parent training courses, DVDs, research projects and the Charlotte Mason Digital Collection.

Marlene Power explaining the CMDC

The launch of the CMDC was the focus of this conference.  Dr. Deani Van Pelt of Redeemer University College was the organizer and introduced us to the archivist librarian Marlene Power who unveiled the website and guided us through some searches.  Thanks to the work of a small group of individuals, anyone can now view and learn from thousands of documents in the CM archives at the Armitt Museum.  You can view student exams, letters from CM, a note to CM from Florence Nightingale, notes on how to form a PNEU branch, photographs, nature notebooks, the hymn "For the Children's Sake",  newspaper clippings to the editor from Maria Montessori and Charlotte Mason and thousands of other items that will help us understand and apply the philosophy with a clearer understanding.

Friends from AL, NY & CAN
I appreciate all the research being done - indeed, it definitely helps me to further my understanding.  The researchers and practitioners need each other as they inform one another. In a sense, the research validates what so many of us do, but we already know it works.  We already know it changes lives.   That's why the best part of the conference was...coming home.  This is where my work is.  I was greeted by three emails from friends looking for some education advice, some feedback from our last support group meeting, a prayer request from our TBG co-op, and someone wanting information on our 2011 Living Education Retreat. These things invigorate my life, but it was those four little people who smothered me with hugs this morning that once again remind me that it is for the children's sake.


  1. Awww.... smiles.

    I'm so excited about this!!! Thanks again for going and sharing with us. You have made such a difference in my life!

    Bobby Jo

  2. You are so right. I lobe hearing other parents talk about their kids that way.

  3. What a great trip you've had and I agree, the hugs are especially good upon return.

    Thank you for the links. I'll be lost in those digital files for a while...

  4. It looks warm up there. Melanie brought the southern warmth!
    I know it was wonderful!

  5. yay! thanks for recapping. I'm very excited to be looking through some of that stuff... now that I've FINALLY figured out how! ;) it took me awhile... :)

    Me too. The living it part is the best!

    amy in peru

  6. I am just now starting to hear about and learn about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of Educ... it sounds fascinating! I hope to be a CM homeschooler when my kids are old enough for school

  7. Oh, so you went! You lucky soul!

    This is such an exciting and important development in homeschooling. Thanks for reporting on it.

    Annie Kate