Gazing on Many Truths

A key to education, according to Charlotte Mason, can be found in a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley where he speaks of "understanding that grows bright gazing on many truths." (Vol. 6, p. 157) This is true for the student of any age.  It's also one of the reasons our co-op continues to flourish.  We even have two moms who teach for us who don't have any children attending.  Teaching and learning with Mason's philosophy and methods is really that different.  Different enough that everyone, including the teachers, wants to "gaze on many truths".

Stille Nacht

This is my third and final post on the organization of our CM co-op, Truth, Beauty, Goodness.  (The first is "Beginning Considerations" and the second is "The Schedule".)  I will explain how we wrap up our semester with Family Night.  This is a simple program so that family and friends can share in what the students have worked on all semester.   Our latest program is listed below so you can see the variety of things we do.  The schedule varies from program to program and usually ends with a dessert buffet.
Family Night November 18, 2010                                                            

At our Family Night program, each teacher introduces and explains her subject, but the focus is on the students.  They recite poetry, sing hymns and folk songs, perform Shakespeare and other things.  We try to include surprises for the students and have enjoyed some creative offerings.  For example, when we finished Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream last year, we surprised the dads in the audience by giving them quick props and scripts from the rude mechanicals' scene where they act out Pyramus and Thisbe.  Of course, the students were very familiar with it and howled with laughter as their dads deftly played the parts of Pyramus, Thisbe, the lantern, the wall and the lion.
fall 2009 - Pyramus and Thisbe
conferring during a game of Name That Tune

The next document is our scope and sequence to date.  How exciting it is to look back and see the "many" from the "gazing on many truths."
2010 TBG Scope and Sequence Chart (1)                                                            
When we finished with Family Night last week, I heard comments like, "Why do we have to take a break?" and "When will we start again?"  I hope these posts have given you some fresh ideas for your co-op!
artist and prints


nature notebooks



  1. *Different enough that everyone, including the teachers, wants to "gaze on many truths".*

    This is so true!!! Every day, I come across a new truth or thing of beauty and I am so thankful for the road less travelled! :-)

  2. Excellent evening.

    "The idea of God as infinitely wise is at the root of all truth." A. W. Tozer

  3. What a wonderful night it must have been Nancy! You have certainly given me lots of ideas for our "mini" co-op. We have done art lessons together this year, but would love to add in some nature study and poetry next year.
    Thanks for sharing your documents too!

  4. Thanks for documenting our evening here. It is always good to hear your perspective.
    Bobby Jo

  5. Visiting from the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival. What wonderful things they have all been doing. Seeing it in photos is lovely. I love the concept of the co-op.

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