Sixth Annual Living Education Retreat

Every year for six years in a row my, friends and I have organized the Living Education Retreat. I am so excited to present to you the flyer for our 2011 retreat!  I hope you can join us for a mindful, relaxing weekend.  For a more detailed description about what happens at our retreats, here is a post with details - Living Education Retreat.


  1. A prairie retreat sounds like a beautiful place to discuss the art of mindfulness. There is a small, hope-filled chance that I may be able to make it.

    It was great to see that Laurie Bestvater is from Niskayune - I've never met a CMer in our area!

  2. And I will pray about that small, hope-filled chance! That would be WONDERFUL to meet you.

    Is Niskayune near you?

  3. I am so excited that I am actually able to come, all the way from Florida! I can't wait. I hope to see Richele there, too.

  4. Christie,
    What a blessing for us that YOU are coming!

  5. My husband has a question: how many husbands attend the retreat? When he said the other night that we should make it an aim to attend, he then wondered if there would be any husband/father fellowship as well. Just curious....

    It would be a boon of encouragement to be present on my own, but even more so with him. We'd appreciate any insight--thanks!

  6. Shelley,
    Good question! Last year, men comprised 20-25% of the attendees. All the husbands of the organizers attend, lead and help. There will be two breakouts led by men and a breakout session by a couple.
    Does that answer your question?

  7. Yes! Thank you!

  8. This sounds so fun! Now is not the time in life for me to travel (babies and such), but I eagerly wait for that time to come. I keep hearing about Charlotte Mason retreats... Keep them around, please! :-)