A Favorite Poet

Thomas Gray (1716-1770)
I have been busy with a special writing project and will be for a few weeks.  I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time.  So, my posts may be scarce around here for awhile.  However, today I have a new post up over at Educating Mother.  It's a little piece about what Thomas Gray called "thoughts that breathe".  Please stop by over there, have a look and leave a comment.

Sursum Corda,

Nancy, (who is thankfully listening to robins this morning)


  1. OH that looks so good. I will read it soon.
    This is one of those weeks when there is
    excitement in the air that we breath. Many
    practices for a Vaudeville show that my Emma is in on Sat. and throughout April to Senior lunches. Button up your overcoat today ....we have a chilly rain! Love the title!

  2. I do think Lucy is so right about the Scriptures and poetry and scarlet and all. I hope you have a good, quiet time for your project. God bless.