Hominus Vis - "The Strength of Man"

 "Mom - what is Hovis?" asked Marit this week.

"I have no idea, dear.  What are you reading?"

"How the Heather Looks by Joan Bodger.  It says 'Then (I) asked him where I could buy bread.  That all depended, he said.  Did I just want bread, or did I want Hovis?' "

Thus began a fun trek into something that is, apparently, a cultural icon in England that I knew nothing about.  At least I don't ever remember noticing it. 

Enjoy these two videos about Hovis bread - they are really good! The first one was made in 2008 and takes you through history. The second was made in 1973 and was voted England's all-time favorite advertisement.

 Now I'm curious to know what it tastes like!

The name "HOVIS" was coined by Herbert Grime from the Latin phrase hominus vis which means "the strength of man".

 You can read more at the educational Hovis website.

Also, I did find a reference to Hovis in a outdated Parents' Review article from 1901 titled "The Feeding of Growing Children."
Bread and butter is generally much liked by children and is very wholesome, and it is well to vary the kind of bread from time to time--brown bread, Hovis, Germ, Plasmon, etc., all make pleasant changes. 
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  1. What a fun post and funny videos! I've been waiting to buy that book How the Heather Looks. Waiting for the price to go down a bit!

  2. I love that! I love that the second one said
    made with wheat germ! Have to ask my British
    friends about it! Thanks.

  3. Mmmm...I'll often take bread over dessert. It's fun that you found a CM connection.

  4. Fun stuff! Like Richele, I'm tickled at the CM connection. :) We went through a similar journey about parkin when my DD read The Secret Garden.

    Thanks for posting the videos - they were fun to watch.

  5. Simon says (my English hubby): "The best bread wi'nowt taken out." He became quite animated when I asked him to tell me about Hovis. I didn't even have to say Hovis bread.
    We loved the videos. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Haha! We just googled "bread wi'nowt taken out" and it turns out to be a different bread. Allinson's Bread. All these years Simon has associated it with Hovis. Says something about advertising--I'll just let you figure out what.

  7. That is so cool, Nancy! I love the journey that one word took you guys on!

  8. I am a book lover and just became your 100th follower. This is a great post and will make a great addition to the carnival of homeschooling that I am hosting this week.

  9. Yes, I loved the videos, now I also wonder how it will taste like.