Irish Gusto

Do you do anything special to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Someone here will probably get green milk at the supper table.  Rumor has it that we will experience a full Irish meal by a certain son and friend - that could be fun.  We will, of course, read. Last year, I told you about a favorite living book on St. Patrick in the post, St. Patrick's Day:  A Riddle, A Pot and a Book.  This year, I have another book to share with you!

St. Patrick's Day by Mary Cantwell is  from the Crowell Holiday Book series. The titles in this series that were printed in the 60s are accurate and sweet. The history lesson is just right for young elementary students and Cantwell clearly describes Patrick's  faith, telling us that "he let nothing stop him from teaching Christianity". We are introduced to both the legends and the facts. About the illustrations, the jacket states, "Ursula Arndt's lively illustrations add the right touch of Irish gusto to this engaging book."  I find that I benefit from a wee bit of Irish gusto once in a while, don't you?


  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I was able to place both on hold at my library!

  2. Thank ya,thank ya!
    We have it on hold also. You're so great to pass along your favorite reads!

  3. My nephew will find out where he does his residency after MED SCHOOL (UNC) so this year
    it will be a fuller day of waiting.

  4. Irish gusto - yes, we could benefit from some of that around here and we always benefit from your book recommendations. "Patrick: Missionary to the Irish" from Trial and Triumph is our favorite read each year - lots of gusto there as well.