A Favorite C.S. Lewis Book

Cheney having a summer read.  She still fits on the sill.

Looking for a short, interesting and inspiring summer read?  Here is a favorite of mine.  It is a collection of letters that C.S. Lewis wrote to his younger fans.  You'll feel like he's writing to you.  He even explains how to pronounce Aslan's name and in what order he prefers the Narnia books to be read.

A few favorite lines -

"You draw donkeys better than Pauline Baynes does."

"Never use abstract nouns when concrete ones will do. If you mean 'More people died' don't say 'Mortality rose.' "

And this one I especially like -

"Why do I not care for Plutarch, I wonder?  I've tried him many times, but I somehow don't get on."

Sursum Corda,



  1. Did you know that Kathy Keller, Tim Keller ( NYC preacher) is in that book? She wrote Lewis and he wrote back. Imagine!

  2. My 17yo just finished this book and loved it! She is our resident 'Narniac' and passionate about anything to do w/ C.S. Lewis! LOL

  3. Yay! I don't know this book, but am happy to find it. Now, if I can locate it in the next few days for my almost 12 yr old!