Occupy Notebooks - Join the Revolution!

"Winter Child" lined writing journal by Paperblanks
 (image courtesy of  celerystreet)

Lately, I have begun to think of my commonplace book as a form of collecting; in my case, collecting ideas as well as clever or provocative expressions that stand apart from ordinary discourse and are, for that reason worth preserving...Collecting ideas also has a number of distinct advantages compared to collecting most other objects - they cost next to nothing, they are easy to find, do not clutter  up your closet and don't require periodic repair or maintenance. - Richard Katzev 
You just never know who you will meet or where you might go with a blog.  A former Professor of Psychology at Reed College who is a commonplace book expert and I have been having a delightful conversation about commonplacing.  Richard Katzev from Marks in the Margin has enthusiastically encouraged me and others to keep writing and talking about commonplace books.  He suggested we start a grassroots movement and call it "Occupy Notebooks".  I like his sense of humor!

Richard has written a book, A Commonplace Book Primer.  If you are interested in learning more about the practice of commonplacing or want to read about his research or even snag some great quotes and book recommendations,  you will enjoy this primer.  I did.  At the very least, visit his blog and click on "commonplace books" under the "topics" section  for plenty of good reads on the subject.

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  1. What a perfect way to start the year... thanks for passing this along!

  2. What fun!! Yes, keep writing and talking about commonplace books. I want to be part of the ranks of the notebooking movement.
    I will check out the blog you mentioned.
    Write on!

  3. Thanks for this post! I have been doing this for several years - I thought I just had a reading journal. I had no idea I've been commonplacing! *L*

  4. Nancy~
    More to consider!! What a wonderful idea. It sparked an interest so I visited marks in the margin and did a google search on Commonplace books. More good stuff. Josh and I have kept a notebook of his school work, but this adds a new and beautiful dynamic to what is "keep worthy". :o)
    And I love the new "wallpaper"!

  5. love, love that journal and the site!
    I have such a collection for journals and pens. Keep on posting such lovely things.
    Love the new book featured too!
    One of my most favorite Commonplace books is Jan Karon's " Patches of Godlight."
    Plus you are doing my favorite Shakespeare play!
    Can I join that group?!!! Doing Julius Caesar in the Spring.

  6. I've kept journals since college. Unfortunately, I burned my adolescent one because it was so sappy. Every once in a while, I'll go back and reread a few pages here and there. Sometimes it's encouraging to see how much I've grown. Other times it's disheartening to see that I'm still struggling with the same things!

  7. Nancy, I have a question for you and your readers. How would you go about teaching older children the habit of attention when they have not been previously trained this way? I have a lot of reasons that I failed in this, one of which is that I made lessons too long and arduous and now school feels overwhelming to my children. Focus is not a strong suit, which of course leads to a lot of chaos! I have 3 different grade levels, soon to be 4...I feel that if we don't work on this FIRST, then nothing else is going to work. Tips? Insights?

  8. Good question, Stephanie! I'll get back with you soon on that one.


  9. I never know if I should reply on MY COMMENT box or yours SO here I am.
    Love your new look. Where is your house on here? I love the seasons at the Kelly house!

  10. Thanks, Bonnie! I never know, either. LOL. The house is still there and I moved it up. I really appreciate any feedback!