Gratitude is a Scattered Homeless Love

setting for the Living Education Retreat

                                                                                                  I am full.  Full of amazement, gratitude.  Another Living Education Retreat has come and gone, along with the nicest bunch of kindred spirits in the world.  Blessed.  Thanking God for putting me on this particular path.

morning meds
Here is a poem I shared during our morning meditation on Friday while overlooking the prairie.

by Anna Kamienska

A tempest threw a rainbow in my face
so that I wanted to fall under the rain
to kiss the hands of an old woman to whom I gave my seat
to thank everyone for the fact that they exist 
and at times even feel like smiling
I was greateful to young leaves that they were willing
to open up to the sun
to babies that they still
felt like coming into this world 
to the old that they heroically
endure until the end
I was full of thanks
like a Sunday alms-box
I would have embraced death
if she'd stopped nearby

Gratitude is a scattered 
homeless love

We talked about how, even though it was a "get-away", we should treat it more like a "going-to" - of forward moving toward more fully implementing education as a life.  As we slowly understand this sacred task of educating children, we will take the lessons from the sessions, the smiles and tears of the friends, and the thoughts and inspiration that we gained over the weekend and let it all become part of who we are and what we do.
a few friends after the conference

From joy to joy,


  1. So very glad that it went well. I could tell you many things from the Childlight and the weddings that didn't but noone knew! Praying for the fruit to explode into beautiful harvests from whence those ladies came from.

    Love the poem!


    1. Thank you, Bonnie. Yes, praying for the fruit to explode. Well said.
      From joy to joy,

  2. Yes!"Gratitude is a scattered and homeless love"- I wrote that down in the "notes" of my heart and am so glad you posted it here so that I can copy it down in ink somewhere. Seeing things in clearer focus after being in the wide open prairie. Beautiful place and beautiful people. :o)


    1. And you were part of all that, Tina. So thankful we are now friends IRL! Tell Sally I enjoyed getting to know her, too. I do hope we see both of you next year, if not before. Cause, well, I'm up to something else real soon...stay tuned...

      From joy to joy,

  3. I loved reading about it last year, and sounds like it was just as delightful this time!