The Highest Trust

A teacher training session at Scale How - home of the House of Education
(photo courtesy of the Charlotte Mason Digital Collection)
LER attendees during a plenary

I have been busy preparing my heart, mind, and house  for the Living Education Retreat which is next week.  This will be our 7th year - 8th if you count our 2000 event with MaryEllen St. Cyr from Ambleside International and Dr. Carroll Smith.  For those who have been praying for my preparations, I want you to know that I really do feel all ready.  I'm sure I'll have many thoughts and pictures to share when it is all over.

"The truth must dazzle gradually or every man be blind..." - Emily Dickinson
Over 100 years ago, Charlotte Mason hosted conferences much like ours.  This writer describes a few aspects of those conferences.  Her description rings true with the LER, too!

"But the great practical use of the Conference is the opportunity given to all who are seriously employed in the work of education of meeting together and discussing the many difficulties which present themselves to every thoughtful mother and teacher."

"Everyone who is really in earnest has some message to give to his fellow-creatures, and if we all learn from one another what each has to teach, the sum of our knowledge, and , in consequence, our capability to help the little ones, will be immeasurably increased.  The spirit which binds us all together in the knowledge that we are trying to be worthy of the highest trust ever bestowed on men and women, is in itself one of the greatest helps possible towards the fulfillment of that trust."

I am looking forward to exploring more of the breadth and balance of Charlotte Mason's relational method of education with many of you next week.  Actually, I can't wait!

From joy to joy,
Our cozy book discussion in the library


  1. You always find the best little quotes!

    Nice pictures :)

    Especially that 1st one. We look almost the same right?

  2. What lovely quotes to read after seeing a blurb in the headlines about technology replacing teachers. Sigh.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time! I would love to join you someday! :)