Joy Reigns - A Little Back-to-School Note

Joy reigns in all our schoolrooms, every lesson satisfies the mind-hunger proper to children;  they are quite happy and content, and Satan finds less mischief there for idle minds to think.
- Charlotte Mason

From joy to joy,


  1. Happy New Year of Learning to you too!! :)

  2. rains = joy
    ...at least here in the jungle. ;)

    joy. a lofty goal.
    and a worthy one.


    much love to you and yours,
    amy in peru

  3. Nancy, I've been struggling with my little darlings lately (as they don't always get along and my husband is completely unavailable to relieve me of responsibility for them 24/7). With the cooling temperatures and slowly disappearing mosquitoes, we were able to spend several hours outdoors today at "nature study" in much masterly inactivity, and there was MUCH JOY! Ah, Charlotte's curriculum for young children left very little room for the devil to destroy peace. I'm thankful for this coming season of Autumn and thankful for the wise teachings of Charlotte Mason. Thanks for your timely encouragement as always ...

  4. My 10yo boy was acting up yesterday. He wasn't naughty, but....well, annoying! I realized that he simply wasn't filled up enough and that the day's lessons weren't satisfying enough to settle him. Well, that was easy to fix, lol! But, I'm glad to have recognized what was happening and knew how to get back on track. This is what I love about CM; she isn't just about the academics, but indeed about fulfilling a whole child.

    Cute graphic, btw!