Gathering Books for Lent and Easter

Paperwhites!  Thanks to dd for thinking of this last November. 
Today - a card with a beautiful picture of Croatia, a loved one in chemo, flowers in 10 degrees, basketball, influenza and an email asking me about more books for the upcoming Lenten season. I can always come up with book recommendations. These are books that are worthy living books - not the garishly illustrated picture book fare for Easter that you see everywhere.    Here are three highly recommended books - Easter Reads.

And here are some more for you.  (Thank you, Erika, for the timely request!)

 The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare would make an excellent read aloud during this season.  It's also a worthy classic set in the time of Christ.  Really, go read it.  You won't be disappointed. I should write an entire post on this book alone.

 An Easter story by Elizabeth Yates will probably only be appreciated by Yates fans.  I really like the poetry selections at the end.  The story itself is a bit...clunky...but I liked it and felt like Yates herself was telling me her views on Easter.

A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss by Jerry Sittser is one of the few books I've read on suffering.  Sittser lost his mother, wife, and daughter in one horrific accident.  An easy, thoughtful read that manages to bring up all the big questions. Helpful for understanding any type of loss.   Highly recommend.  (Thanks, Karen.)

Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter has so many wonderful writings by so many inspiring writers.  I love this sort of book.  I read it for myself but end up sharing with everyone.

Lent and Easter Wisdom from G.K. Chesterton: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with G.K. Chesterton's Own Words (Lent & Easter Wisdom) is a new one for me this year.  I really don't think you could go wrong here.

Do you have any favorites to add? Please share!

From joy to joy,

See the hyacinths?


  1. I have some tulip bulbs in the frig just WAITING to be planted in some pots here in a few weeks so we can have a bit of color around in February! :) I love paper whites! Thanks for the book title suggestions. Any one's you recommend for children? :)

  2. Nancy
    I enjoy a couple of Llylod Douglas's books; The Robe and The Big Fisherman. I also shared a couple of other chapter books here
    including Vinegar Boy, love that one. A young boy who takes the vinegar sponge to Jesus on the Cross. I have lots of children's books at the top, scroll down to the bottom for chapter ones.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I enjoyed looking at your selections!
      From joy to joy,