Seeing and Storing

It would be difficult to overrate this habit of seeing and storing as a means of after-solace and refreshment. The busiest of us have holidays when we slip our necks out of the yoke and come face to face with Nature, to be healed and blessed by
     "The breathing balm,
     The silence and the calm
     Of mute, insensate things." *
- Mason, Vol. 1, p. 50

Our family has just returned from Arizona where we were able to "slip our necks out of the yoke and come face to face with Nature".  A few photos to begin unraveling the panorama of our trip are shared here.
Anna's hummingbird

round tailed ground squirrel

blooming saguaro cactus


chuckwalla lizard

blooming prickly pear cactus

dh's favorite - Gambel's quail

honeycomb at the top of Usery Mtn.

top of barrel cactus

From joy to joy,


*Mason uses these lines from one of Wordsworth's Lucy poems - "Three Years She Grew". DD (15) just memorized this as we enjoyed Wordsworth this semester!


  1. What a wonderful trip. So beautiful!

  2. WOW...wonderful pictures of God's creation indeed. So cool to see from over here is Aus land! :)

  3. I will think of Arizona when I read that quote from now on!!! Lovely pictures!