For the New School Year - a Preface, and Prologue, and a Prayer

From the preface of The Story of Charlotte Mason by Essex Cholmondley -


GLAUCON:  Who, then, are the true philosophers?
SOCRATES:  Those who are lovers of the vision of truth.
                                       -Republic of Plato, BOOK V.E


Jesus said:  'I am the way, the truth and the life.'
                                       -St. John's Gospel

From the prologue of I Buy a School by Marion Berry-

"A proper setting for the beauty of a child's life is what a school is required to be."

A prayer for all teachers from Christina Rossetti -

"Lord Jesus Merciful and Patient, grant us grace, I beseech Thee, ever to teach in a teachable spirit; learning along with those we teach, and learning from them whenever Thou so pleasest."

From joy to joy,

Pictures by Jean Adrien Mercier from Guide to The Book of Knowledge


  1. "ever to teach in a teachable spirit". Just. This.

  2. Thank you for your living blog ~ what lovely thoughts & pictures to take to sleep...

  3. Thank you. My daughter in law starts tomorrow. Me, in a week .
    My daughter has already started an online Astronomy class which she loves
    already. Has to do with the teacher who wishes he didn't have to give
    grades but just have everyone learn. So she has been out looking at the moon
    every night and we came across the Appalachains as the moon rose in a giant ball
    on Weds. night. Still seems like summer needs another month in my mind.
    Have a good start!

  4. Lovely. Thank you!!! We are starting next week!!!

    God bless you richly, Nancy!

  5. Going to turn this into a little poster above my desk! Thanks, Nancy!