Words That Sing and Soar

Tabitha went to her place at the end of the back row, next to the shelf where the schoolbooks were kept, but she did not take out the little worn brown book full of the verses the children learned by heart each day, for in most of them the words just went along at a jog trot.  She took out the Bible instead, where the words sang and soared, opened it at random, and gave a sigh of delight when she saw that it had opened at her favorite psalm.

He sendeth the springs into the rivers:which run among the hills.
All beasts of the field drink thereof:and the wild asses quench their thirst.
Beside them shall the fowls of the air have their habitation:and sing among the branches...
Wherein the birds make their nests:and the fir trees are a dwelling for the stork.
The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats:and so are the stony rocks for the conies.

It was not possible to stay a moment longer in the schoolroom.  In her ears was the sound of the springs running among the hills and the singing of the birds in the branches.  She must be out of doors.  She would burst if she stayed one moment more, boxed up within four walls. 


This is an excerpt from The Valley of Song by Elizabeth Goudge, a precious gift from good friends.  I just had to share. Bible quote is from Psalm 104, Prayer Book Version. I'm still reading this and finding it unique in a Goudge sort of way - a twizzling of different traditions  brought together with her beautiful writing.  Have any of you read this?

With affection and regard,



  1. Oh Nancy! I love Elizabeth Goudge but haven't read this one! Thanks!

  2. Nancy, next time you write a blog post, please check first to see if the library has it. That way I won't get excited about a book only to find that I cannot borrow a copy. :) I am just kidding. Thank you for all of your book recommendations. Hopefully it will not be long before we can go outside and hear springs running and birds singing.

  3. Ooooo...beautiful!!! I just started her For God So Loved the World... :)


  4. "twizzling" that's great. :)