Why "Sage Parnassus" or What's in a Name?

painting by Kay Maniscalco (rather Barbara Cooney-esque, don't you think?)
Quite often I get the question, "Could you explain the meaning behind the name of your blog?"  The answer to that question is always towards the bottom of my "About" page, but I thought I would revisit it here on the blog. Sage Parnassus Academy is the name of our school.  We had to choose a name for some reason that I don't remember anymore.  When it came time to name this blog, that's naturally what came to mind.  Read on for the reasoning!

Why Sage Parnassus? We needed a name for our house and school, so the boys chose sage because strangers would knock on our door  and ask what color we had recently painted the house.  The shade of green was called sage.  They chose Parnassus because that was the name of Amy and Laurie's house and school in Jo's Boys which they were reading at the time.  A sweet memory, really, from two little boys who are now all grown up.

They put those two words together and we decided it sounded nice.  It worked for me because Parnassus on Wheels is a book I love (about a mobile bookseller) and Parnassus generally refers to the home of poetry, literature and learning due to the fact that Parnassus in Greek mythology was a mountain in Greece where the Muses resided.

Now you know! 



  1. The link to the artist does not work! Isn't that a beautiful painting of your home. I love the LM Alcott connection!~

  2. Hi Nancy,
    That is a wonderful painting! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed homeschool year!

  3. I love that your boys came up with this and that they were inspired by paint colors and Louisa May Alcott. Great stories and names.

  4. Lovely!!! I have that book on my wish list! Soon I shall get it! ;)

  5. I think it was a wonderful choice for your school's name. On first seeing the name I thought of sage as a wise one, which you are.
    Blessings to you Nancy!

  6. I found a lovely copy of Parnassus on Wheels and enjoyed it very much! Thank you!