Motto for Teachers

In thinking about humility, we have a former student of Mason's and  secretary of the PNEU, R.A. Pennethorne,  giving us her reflection on the posture for teachers.  It fits perfectly with the teachers' motto - "For the Children's Sake." Here's the full quote:

“Teaching was to be a mission carrying the breath of life to God’s children…-not looking for results or rewards or for the praise of man but praying for our children that they might increase even as we decrease.”  


P.S. - photo cred to Katie!


  1. This is a beautiful thought to remember! Katie did a beautiful photo too.
    Using Scripture , we pray that He would increase .

  2. ahh, the praying, how that gets overlooked in the other doings. beautiful photo and words.

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    1. Dear Senora L.,
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  4. Nancy, after listening to our LEL class I searched your site for this quote. For me it is a step of faith...we can trust Him for our children's education can't we?! How humbling to see my desperate need of the Holy Spirits help in this season of leading my childrens education. I pray He will continue to work in my heart that I may teach and live out this mission of "carrying the breath of life to Gods children." Thank You Nancy, may He continue to use you in the lives of others. Jennifer