Chief Knowledge

There are several ways by which the knowledge of God first comes to us; we may be struck by the words, acts, and looks of those who know––a very convincing lesson. A little plant of moss, the bareness of a tree in winter, may, as we have seen, awake us to the knowledge; or, dealings of strange intimacy with our own hearts, visitings of repentance and love, sweet answers to poor and selfish prayers, tokens of friendship that we can never tell, but most surely perceive, are all steps in this chief knowledge. (Vol. 4.184)

So much in this quote.


(Photo credit to Katie)


  1. I really like the font on the third line. Good quote.

  2. So true! Nature truly does "speak" of God. One reason, my children and I need to be out in it more! My sister and I were just emailing about this topic a bit, because she loves the sea and really has so many time where the Lord has shown her things related to it or near it or about some aspect of it! . A poem that I recently read (and we were discussing) was this one by Mary Oliver:

    I go down to the shore in the morning
    and depending on the hour the waves
    are rolling in or moving out,
    and I say, oh, I am miserable,
    what shall -
    what should I do? And the sea says
    in its lovely voice:
    Excuse me, I have work to do.

    I can't how many times the Lord has confirmed something I read in His Word or some aspect of His character through a sunrise or sunset, trickling water, and willow trees...just so many little bits that whisper something to our souls. Even just opening my eyes in the morning and hearing the birds, or the blustery wind...anyway...I could go on! This is so neat! Thanks.

  3. Beautifully said, Amy! Thank you. I enjoy Mary Oliver's poetry, too.

  4. Amy, I too got my first book of poems by Mary Oliver. And Nancy, I made my own design of this quote, it was so inspiring.

  5. Thanks for sharing this quote Nancy! I read it and re-read it several times to let the beauty soak in. The wonder of the Lord ('knowledge of God') is truly so beautiful!


  6. Yes, and the more I learn about this magnificent and loving God, the more I discover how much I still don't know.