Rest, A Good Servant (Before and After Pics)


While I was out on a walk early in the morning a few days before Mother's Day, I spotted this wooden, black, decrepit couch frame thingie  tossed by the side of the road. I have always wanted a place to lie down on my porch, but the wicker settees that I had were much too short.  This monstrosity was 6 feet +.  Maybe my husband and son could work on it and it could be my Mother's Day present!  It's okay to suggest your present - right?!


It was finally finished this past week.  What do you think?  Want to stop by for a rest?  (I'm thankful my husband is so amazing with wood.)


Rest, a Good Servant.––In a general way, his fellow-servant and brother, Rest, steps in with, 'It is my turn now,' and the tired person is glad to sit down and be quiet for a little, or lie on his face with a book...Thus the muscles take such turns of work and rest as help them to grow and become strong."
-Charlotte Mason, Vol. 4, p. 119

This week is the Living Education Retreat - a much needed time of rest for all of us. Looking forward to being with so many interesting people and enjoying God's creation.  Here's where I'll be.  It looks like a castle but it's really an old Ursuline Girls' School.   Now it's a retreat center in the middle of Frontenac State Park. Please pray for safe travel, good weather, and nourishing sessions. I will share pictures after it is over.



  1. It is gorgeous! I like that you have a doily on your porch table--because why not?! Looks like a great place to rest.

  2. What a beautiful place to rest! Make sure to take time to enjoy it!!

  3. a lovely post and started praying this morning for the week ahead for you and the LER travellers! Bon Appetit as the feast is laid out before you all.

  4. Lovely! PS - If I did not suggest my gift at appropriate times (ie birthday and Mother's Day) I might never get one. I'm on your side!

    Wishing I could join you at LER this year. I'm sure that it will be fabulous and I look forward to attending myself some day.

  5. What a relaxing, inviting place, Nancy! Kudos to your hubby and son...and you for seeing the poor benches potential. :) (PS - my dh WANTS me to give gift suggestion ideas. ;) ) I'm beyond excited to see you soon! :)

  6. Oh how beautiful it came together! A truly restful place to ponder and pray. Enjoy the retreat, I look forward to hearing about it. I too would love to make it to LER someday.