Awakening Session - Autumn 2015

It rests with us to give the awakening idea and then to form the habit of thought and of life.
-Charlotte Mason, Vol. 3, p. 81
Last Friday we had another Awakening session out at peaceful Shalom Hill Farm. Some came to have a little retreat from the daily routine, some for the lessons that were taught with Charlotte Mason's methods, some were interested in starting their own communities, and some for  fresh inspiration for their homeschools.  We shared lessons in Shakespeare, folksong, picture study, Plutarch, geography, poetry, handcrafts, nature study, and hymn. Here are a few pictures from our day! (photo creds to Katie)

Reading and narrating Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra

Preparing for handcrafts


2 of my favorite people

We read the story of the poinsettia and then made these table toppers!

Nature study!  Pine? Fir? Spruce?

Doing some dry brush.

"her infinite variety" - just something we did in Shakespeare...


P.S. - Just for fun, I read this poem about our little group!

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  1. These small sessions are SO lovely and my favorite, I think! I wish I could get to more of them. I was so blessed and encouraged by the Rochester day retreat. :) I'm glad you had a refreshing time.