Grilling and Reading

In 2005, the Kellys invited the Jahnkes over for pork chops on the grill. But there was one stipulation - each person was to bring a list of their 5 favorite books to share. It was fun!  I remember helping the littles prepare their choices.  With great foresight, Mr. Jahnke actually saved the list and recently shared it with me.  Here are my children’s selections:

Son (16)
-Les Miserables by Hugo
-A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens
-That Hideous Strength by Lewis
-Til We Have Faces by Lewis
-The Three Musketeers by Dumas

Son (14)
-The Story of WWII by Leckie
-The Fortunes of Captain Blood by Sabatini
-Big Red by Kjellgard
-Black Hearts in Battersea by Aiken
-Periscope Up by White

Daughter (8)
-Bobbsey Twins series by Hope
-Laura Ingall’s Wilder Books
-Owls in the Family by Mowat
- Melendy Quartet by Enright
- Betsy books by Haywood

Son (6)
-Cowboy Sam by Lenski
-Chronicles of Narnia by Lewis
-Aesop’s Fables
-Maze books

Daughter (4)
-If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by Numeroff
-Maze books
-Beatrix Potter books
-Unc’ Billy Possum by Burgess

Daughter (2)
-It Must Be Magic – (mommy’s poetry book from her childhood – Hallmark)
-Nursery Rhyme Books
-Ricka, Flicka, Dicka Bake a Cake by Lindman
-Snipp, Snapp, Snurr Go Swimming by Lindman

I don’t know what my husband’s choices were.  Here are mine:
-A Severe Mercy by VanAuken
-Girl Meets God by Winner
-Expecting Adam by Beck
-Sir Gibbie by MacDonald
-Homeschooling for Excellence by Colfax

This list gives such a fascinating snapshot into our lives and personalities at that time.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe we will do this again soon and I’ll share an updated list!

Admiration, Hope and Love!



  1. What fun lists! We have a family we could do this with. It might be just the excuse we need to set a date to get together.

    What did you think of Homeschooling for Excellence?

    1. Dear Beth,
      Oh, dear. Well, it had been about 10 years since I had read it at that point...so what I remember is that I felt like "Hey, these people educated their children in an unconventional way and they turned out okay - so I can too!" Since I no longer recommend it, and haven't for a decade, I'm not sure what I would think about it today! It was one of those first books I read about homeschooling. Do you have an opinion on it?

    2. I do not! I had not heard of it, in fact. If you thought I should read it, I would, but you don't, so I won't. :-)

  2. Oh, and Isaac and I just read Owls in the Family. What a fabulous, fun book!

  3. I love this! Although we have never done anything like this with a group, we have always kept a record of what each child has read. It's fun to look back on these lists.

  4. Nancy, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing :)