Autumnal News and a Book

I want to recommend a book I recently discovered that is full of whimsy and charm.  In fact, my dd(15) keeps taking it up to her room to read and I keep asking her to bring it back down.  More on that in a second.

Exciting news for Living Education Lessons!  First, there is now open registration for a new Season 2 that begins mid-October.  I always like to begin new studies in unison with my children's new studies. It's an autumn thing. Second, the LEL community has grown and I am excited to share a new website for members.  It will be a quiet place on the web where we can concentrate and encourage one another without the distractions and noise so often found on social media. It will be ready in time for this new class coming up. Visit the LEL page to read more or to sign up for the email notice list.

Also, I presented a new pin design with a little talk on the history of the original P.U.S. badges this past weekend at the Delightful Living Seminar in Menahaga, MN.   This one doesn't have "Living Education Retreat" on it and is smaller. These pins will be available for purchase soon and I will certainly let you know.  Here's a peek:

Finally, on October 1st and 2nd, I will be at the Weekend of Living Ideas in Okoboji, Iowa. The trees should be gorgeous!  This is a small, quiet gathering with big ideas and inspiration.   I will be presenting 4 sessions, including a new talk on habits, Getting Rid of Weeds and Fostering Flowers: The Vital Role of Habits. Sign up soon if it works for you to join me!

Okay, so back to this sweet book I wanted to share with you*. "It's my job with a picture book to slow children down, " said Shirley Hughes in this article. I love that.  I have a small collection of her picture books.(Every child should read Dogger.) While I was at Loganberry Books last month, this title tumbled into my hands and didn't leave - Year Round Things to Do.

For each month of the year, there is a lovely title page with a poem and then:
  • About
  • Bird
  • Flower
  • Pet
  • Out of Doors (games)
  • Indoors (games and crafts)
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Games
  • Saints
...and other categories all specific to that month. September brought us Conkers and Acorns, Quarter Day, and Budgerigars. Very British. And the best part is that right now you can see them on Amazon for about 15 cents. Woot!

I hope your new school year is flowing along nicely.


*Year Round Things to Do was first published in 1966 as Something to Do. My copy follows the 1975 printing. While not compiled by Shirley, she did the illustrations in 1966.


  1. I'd forgotten we had this book; ours is the 1975 edition published under 'Something to Do.' My older girls enjoyed it so I just got it out for my youngest girl. It's a bit out of synch for us in the Southern Hemisphere so we have to adjust for that. Thanks for posting this & jogging my memory!

  2. Shirley Hughes is one of my favorite writers! Thanks for this post.

  3. I snatched that 15 cent copy as soon as this post came into my inbox, Nancy. We love Shirley Hughes! We were hooked upon reading Dogger - a book which I very recently gifted to a mutual friend, in fact! - and that reading soon led us to the Alfie books. I couldn't resist this lovely gem. Thank you for sharing!

  4. That book looks LOVELY! Thank you, Nancy. <3 I would LOVE to join your LEL someday! Sigh. Sounds wonderful! :) Your talk on habits sounds so intriguing. Bless you and your Sage Parnassus hive of learning. :)

  5. We have owned that edition for several years, and it RARELY leaves my 9-year old's side. While I thought it would be a book for me, I haven't had much of a chance to peruse it! Obviously, she adores it, though. :-)

  6. I don't owe this title, but when I saw the illustration, I recognized Shirley Hughes'. My girls LOVE Alfie and Annie Rose and I do too. We have Dogger and a collection of other stories and poems.
    I too would love to join you one day at LER or at any place you are. What a beautiful title: Getting Rid of Weeds and Fostering Flowers: The Vital Role of Habits. Good luck in your talk.

  7. I'm excited about the soon-to-be available Charlotte Mason pins. I've been wanting something tangible and pretty like this for some time. Do you have a timeframe when they will be released?

    1. Dear Stephanie,
      Thank you for asking about the badges! They should be available before Thanksgiving at Riverbend Press. Hopefully sooner.