Winter Thoughts

Miss Mason extolling the virtues of the Humanities

We talked at our last Living Education Lesson about virtue and how it plays out in Mason's paradigm, particularly in regard to Citizenship. The above was a favorite quote of mine, so I thought I would share. Things are busy this week as I am off to the Large Room Retreat in D.C. - can't wait to see everyone, share about some exciting living books (immersion fun!), and talk about Charlotte Mason.

The word for today from John Greenleaf Whittier is timely -


Father! to Thy suffering poor
   Strength and grace and faith impart.
And with Thy own love restore
   Comfort to the broken heart! 

 And here is a recommended blog post by Amy about what is enough, or rather, WHO is enough!

Teaching from Peace,


  1. Happy February, Nancy! :) Here is another poem for you.

    February Twilight
    I stood beside a hill
    Smooth with new-laid snow,
    A single star looked out
    From the cold evening glow

    There was no other creature
    That saw what I could see-
    I stood and watched the evening star
    As long as it watched me.

    -Sara Teasdale

    1. I love that you respond with another poem! It's lovely. So happy you will be joining us at the LER this year!

  2. I love this graphic, Nancy.

    I always associate you with magnanimity - not merely because you talk about it, but because you exude it.

    Can't wait to be In a Large Room with you SOON:).

    1. Thank you for the ride today - I can't believe I'm here! Let's have some fun tomorrow at the immersion, shall we?

    2. It's amazing to have you in my neck of the woods, Nancy. We are going to have a great time tomorrow - how can we not? Especially if you have any fun Shakespeare activities up your sleeve - and I strongly suspect that you do:).