Christmas Books by Tasha Tudor

Madonna by Moonlight by Tasha Tudor - print available at Tasha Tudor and Family 
(isn't it beautiful?!)

ANNOUNCEMENT!  For those hoping to get a copy of The Cloud of Witness for Christmas, I have good news!  Riverbend Press has a limited supply that will ship on 12/18.  You can pre-order now.

When I first started blogging, talking about our favorite Christmas books was somewhat of a novelty. Today, Christmas book lists on blogs, Facebook, and Instagram are now ubiquitous! This is my 12th such list to share with you. Please see the links at the end for my past posts full of delicious titles.

This year is all about Tasha Tudor.  Her illustrated books have always been favorites here and when it comes to Christmas, they really shine! They evoke a tranquil, simpler lifestyle from days gone by.  The lovely website, Tasha Tudor and Family has Advent calendars, adorable cross stitch ornaments, Christmas cards, and other holiday goodness.

This first book, Forever Christmas, is about Tasha Tudor, not by her. We enjoy looking through its pages every year.  Building her Christmas lanterns is so fun! Here are her directions:
You make snowballs - you have to have the right kind of snow, wet - and you have to put them together in a circle and build them up and up until you make an igloo. You leave a space in the back so you can place a candle inside it. There is no draft on the candle, so it will burn a long time. When you light it, it looks like magic. (p. 30)

Please tell me you have an Advent calendar for your sweet family - they are so delightful and add to the true anticipation of the season, keeping things moving along when your energy begins to flag and you feel like skipping the Advent reading that day. It becomes part of the routine that children are so good at sticking to when we might grow weary.  We like displaying both of these - Tasha Tudor's Advent Calendar and A Book of Christmas.

I've mentioned this favorite before Take Joy! is a large book of stories, hymns, and poems selected by Tasha.

Here are three, perfect-for-smaller-hands titles! Samantha's Surprise, The Dolls' Christmas, and The Christmas Cat.

A favorite to cuddle up with and read as a family, Becky's Christmas is a yearly tradition! All about the handmade surprises and preparations her family works on as Christmas approaches.

 And what Christmas collection would be complete without a book of carols?!

Missing from this list are The Night Before Christmas (which is packed away and is illustrated by Tasha) and Corgiville Christmas (which is on the way to my house right now).

Am I missing any?  Be sure to let me know!

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  1. Becky's Christmas has always been a favourite here.

    1. It is wonderful, isn't it? I hope you are enjoying Advent, Anne!

  2. Sigh. Happy Christmas, Nancy. <3