Onward and Upward

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Onward and Upward is the theme this week in The Cloud of Witness. So many inspiring thoughts! Are you reading along with us this year? I wish you would. If you share about it, don't forget the "the" as in #thecloudofwitness. I love seeing on IG and FB when something strikes you. Just knowing that so many of you are reading and meditating on the same verses and poems ties us together - Charlotte Mason was so wise in giving this to her graduates.

This post is all about what's going on around here. First of all, there are big changes coming to Sage Parnassus!  Really big.  In fact, I am a little nervous about it all, so patience and prayers are appreciated as my blog/website will be migrating and getting a makeover. This will hopefully be complete by February.  We shall see. (And I'm so excited about the new logo...I wonder if you can guess what it is?)

Now would be a good time to thank all of you.  Your support, encouragement, comments,  and emails each year have been such an encouragement to me.  I feel blessed by these relationships. So many good projects are taking off around here, mostly because of YOU.

Have you heard about my Living Education Lessons? I am pretty thrilled with how these intimate classes are changing lives and homeschools in small but significant ways. It's a community without the noise of Facebook and other social media. And each class is recorded, so if you can't make all of them, you can still keep up.  Read more about it here (the testimonials at the bottom are helpful).  Right now, registration is open for a Season 1 class that has a few seats left. Pray about joining us!

Did you choose a word for 2018?  Here's a post where I talk about a word that I chose in the past that I seem to always go back to! And if you haven't seen my 2017 Reader's Journal or shared your own, please do so!

I am looking forward to sharing in Colorado at the Charlotte Mason Educational Retreat on Feb. 2-4.  Join me as we focus our weekend on the works of Charlotte Mason.  Registration is coming to a close soon. Two weeks after that you can find me in Baltimore at the In a Large Room Retreat!  There is still time to register for that event, also.

The series Parents Are Peacemakers will continue soon! I had to reach out to the Charlotte Mason Poetry Transcription Team to help me with this task as my time is taken up with many other good things right now.

Are you thinking about scheduling a mentoring session with me? I would love to walk beside you and guide you on your CM journey.  Right now I am scheduling for the beginning of March so contact me soon if you wish to meet in the next few months.

Finally, the Living Education Retreat this year should be another worshipful, relaxing, inspiring event.  The flyer/registration will go out to the email list by February 1st, so make sure you are on that list if you want first notice. (Sign up at the bottom of this page.)  I can't wait to share about all the things we have in store for you.

As the theme this week in The Cloud of Witness states, "Onward and Upward!"

Teaching From Peace,

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  1. Your title struck me and has me thinking of our CM group's name, Excelsior...and the poem by the same name by Longfellow. Ha. I'm excited for you and your new online home. I sure will miss this place, however, thank you for sharing your journey thus far. I'm confidant the new place will be a place of peace also. I guess the logo will have the swallow or maybe the humble rushes in it. :) What a wonderful bunch of events spreading the CM love and hope. May the Lord bless you, Nancy, in all your endeavors this year.