I am available a few times per year to speak at retreats, conferences, teacher in-service training and other events.  I also do live webinar presentations, personal consultations, and online lessons. Contact me at sageparnassus@gmail.com for more information.

2018 Schedule

February 2-4, Charlotte Mason Educational Retreat, Colorado Springs, CO 

February 15-17, In a Large Room Retreat, Baltimore/DC area

April 30 - May 4, English Lake District Retreat, Ambleside, England

June 13-16, Charlotte Mason Institute East, Roanoke, VA

July 12-14, Living Education Retreat, Gary, SD

August 14-18, Charlotte Mason Family Camp, Tiskilwa, Illinois

September 21-22, Joy Through Living and Learning Retreat, Marathon, WI


Getting Rid of Weeds and Fostering Flowers: The Vital Role of Habits

This talk will examine the important and balanced emphasis of habits in a relational education.  Charlotte Mason elaborates on the role of the parent when helping our children develop the type of habits that form fine character while weeding out the habits that will do them harm. As always, her advice is based on the whole child, not just outward expressions. We will look at the types of habits in a child’s life and Mason’s wise, commonsense approach to fostering the good.

The Importance of Peace 

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” – Goethe
The Charlotte Mason philosophy and method of
education has a unique source that encourages shalom in the home. This talk will explore the meaning of peace, how a CM education helps develop peace, and why parents are called to be peacemakers.  Nancy will share insights from her own experience as well as some extremely helpful direction from Mason and other solid PNEU teachers on peace in our homes, schools, and lives.

Parenting the Young Child: Best Practices From Charlotte Mason For a Life of Wonder 
Charlotte Mason said, "One of the secrets of the educator is to present nothing as stale knowledge, but to put himself in the position of the child, and wonder and admire with him; for every common miracle which the child sees with his own eyes makes of him for the moment another Newton.” This talk focuses on how to begin a Charlotte Mason education with the youngest of children, from birth to 6, and considers the irreplaceable role of the parent in fostering the child’s wonder and imagination. Fresh book recommendations and thoughtful discussions will be highlighted throughout the talk. 

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9GVy0EJWlRs/VBDa8MezLVI/AAAAAAAADhE/vycepfeavWQ/s1600/100_4661.JPGCharlotte Mason Foundations: A Paradigm Shift

Join Nancy for an introduction to Charlotte Mason, including her belief in the child as a person and her viewpoint that education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life, and the science of relations.  Who was Charlotte Mason?  What was her educational philosophy?  Can her methods be used in high school as well as in elementary school and middle school? Drawing from her 20 years of experience using Charlotte Mason's methods, Nancy will talk about the basics of a Charlotte Mason education and how it can transform your homeschool.

Citizenship in the Curriculum:  Mason, Magnanimity, and the Moral Life
Nancy will present an in-depth look at how Charlotte Mason and the PNEU schools approached the subject of citizenship and character development, an area she has been researching and practicing for years.  Through Mason's own works, a picture talk, poetry, and personal stories she will explore Mason's claim that our function as teachers is "to supply children with the rations of knowledge which they require; and the rest, character and conduct, efficiency and ability, and that finest quality of the citizen, magnanimity, take care of themselves."

Plutarch: Prince of Biographers!
Why is Plutarch so important? Why did Mason include his Lives in her curriculum? Why North’s translation? What does imagination have to do with it? In this talk, we will look at the answers to these questions.  The difficulties expressed in Mason’s day in regard to Plutarch are the same today. Following the presentation, a full immersion lesson will to demonstrated to allow participants to experience Plutarch firsthand.  You will come away with the tools and inspiration to begin teaching, carry on, and “bridge the gaps” with this Charlotte Mason curriculum staple.

Charlotte Mason said that the quality of simplicity is "the first condition of all successful work with children." We will examine the nature of simplicity and what hinders us from living simple lives.  To help illustrate this concept, a picture study and a Saviour of the World immersion will be part of this talk.

The Way of the Teacher: Humility
What postures do we take in our homes, schools, and communities?  There are many lessons to be learned from L'Umile Pianta (The Humble Plant), the publication by the alumni from Charlotte Mason's House of Education and the badge chosen by the Old Students' Association. In this session, Nancy will explore how the lessons shared back then can help us today as we examine Mason's thoughts on humility. This session will make you stop and think about how you approach education in any venue.

Shakespeare: The How and Why
In this workshop, Nancy will examine how and why Charlotte Mason's PNEU students were immersed in Shakespeare.  The results may surprise you!  She will be sharing her 20 years' experience in teaching Shakespeare to children, high schoolers, and adults - often all at the same time.  The results of her extensive research, personal anecdotes, recommended resources, and audience participation will be part of this session for newcomers and aficionados alike!

Truth, Beauty, Goodness: The Story of a Co-op Community
This is not your typical co-op model!  It is something that is a true community that enhances your homeschool and is not a burden but a learning event that everyone, including moms, looks forward to.  Let Nancy tell about her experiences with the Truth, Beauty, Goodness Community. Now in its ninth year, this is a bimonthly, fine arts +, Charlotte Mason co-op that she started and has helped dozens of other parents establish across the United States. She will offer tools to help you organize your  community from the planning stages to the meetings and Family Nights.

TBG Teens (The Hive)
How does a high school, CM collaborative look?  Nancy will explain one option that has been in place for many successful years!  Learn how this small group of CM moms have lightened their load in guiding their students through high school without forfeiting CM's principles and earnestly preparing students for a life of caring.  

Our Schedule, Our Atmosphere      
Learn how Charlotte Mason structured her school days and how atmosphere is key. Nancy will share how you can make your homeschool an enriching place with any size family by describing her tried and true schedule from her own homeschool, Sage Parnassus.  Hear what Nancy (and Mason!) thinks is the most important attribute in any environment in order for learning to occur. 

Qualified for Life: High Schoolers as Persons     
Interested in a rich, vigorous, character-building education for your high schooler?  Charlotte Mason had a successful plan for the high school years.  Her offering was in response to the utilitarian system that was in place 100 years ago and unfortunately still reigns.  This session will discuss Mason's blueprint and offer principles and practices to begin planning what could be your student's best years!
The Well-Balanced Mind: The Imagination Factor
Do you value your imagination?  Your child's? This talk is an
exploration of the importance of imagination in education, faith and life. Mason said that "imagination is, like faith, the evidence of things not seen" and is an integral part of everyone's personhood.  How can we nurture this in our materialistic society where testing reigns supreme?

New Thoughts of God: Living Bible Lessons
Charlotte Mason said that  Bible teaching should be "as the warp in and out of which the child weaves other knowledge and other thought."  In this workshop, Nancy will take attendees through an immersion session of a Bible lesson, which introduces children to "new thoughts of God" every day.

Ourselves (Volume 4) and Moral Development: A Third Position
Dissatisfied with teaching morals directly or indirectly, Charlotte Mason developed a unique “third position” which featured the use of her book Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies. Join Nancy as she shares background information and activities in order to more fully understand the purpose of this unique book which she considers a must-read for all teachers and teenagers interested in a truly relational education. This session will give you the tools to confidently utilize this masterpiece in your school.

The Cloud of Witness
What is it? How do I use it?  Why is it important? Nancy will
talk about how she went about reprinting this book, why you should read it even if you don't follow the liturgical year, and its importance to Charlotte Mason. An inspiring picture study and calendar helps are all part of this talk.


Charlotte Mason's Three-Fold Cord

What was this document that Miss Mason considered to be so important that she gave a copy to each graduate from her teacher-training college?  In this talk, you will hear the three ideas that CM considered to be the most inspiring through an exploration of the badge, a picture study, and an explanation of the Great Recognition.

Immersion Group

In an immersion group session, Nancy will demonstrate a morning in a multi-age homeschool using Mason's methods.  Despite the large age range in many homeschools, adherence to the principles and practices in every area can make this rich education possible.  The focus will be on subjects that can successfully be combined with multiple ages.  Subject areas that may be presented will include Bible, dictation, citizenship, Shakespeare, Plutarch, hymn, folksong, copywork, picture study, composer study, natural history, literature, nature study and geography. Attendees experience being the student, practicing different forms of narration, and sampling the banquet of ideas which brings a fuller understanding of the method.  This session is 3 hours long and a 1.5 hour question and answer session will follow.

Here is a review from an immersion attendee:
Participating in Nancy’s Multi-Age Homeschool Immersion was insightful for our homeschool in many ways. First, and most importantly, it brought more grace and peace into our home because I had not fully understood the Mason theme that “the only education is self-education.” It is one thing to teach using the Charlotte Mason method and another to be taught. Being immersed as a student showed me that narration is not as easy as it looks from behind the book! It really helped me to start listening for what my children heard as opposed to what they didn’t hear. When I went home to be a teacher, I had more empathy for the work that it takes to be a student using the Mason Method. Secondly, the immersion really gave me peace and assurance that educating my children can be as simple as excellent books and engaging conversation. Nancy brought both those things to the class. She introduced the class to some lovely living books (some of which my children have adored!), and brought her years of experience to provide reassurance and confidence. Lastly, it was enlightening to process everything with the group, gaining confidence in what I already did well and recognizing some things I could add or do differently. 
-Susan Steffen

High School Immersion

During this experience, Nancy will demonstrate methods used in a high school setting using Mason's methods. High school is a deepening and continuation of the principles and practices of Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. Lessons that are for older students will be demonstrated and may include science, citizenship, Bible, composition, geography, picture study, literature, picture study, literature, history, math, and other subjects. Attendees experience being the student, practicing different forms of narration and sampling the banquet of ideas which brings a fuller understanding of the method.  Currently, Nancy has graduated 3 of her own children using Mason's methods and teaches 10 others in her CM Community - TBG Teens (The Hive).

Here is a review from a high school immersion attendee:

In my heart I knew that making the change to the Charlotte Mason philosophy of schooling was right for our family, but just reading about implementation on websites wasn't giving me the confidence I needed to make the change.  When I friend invited me to attend one of Nancy Kelly's high school immersions, I jumped at the chance to experience something, although I'll admit now that I wasn't sure what I was in for.  Becoming the student during the high school immersion experience illuminated several things for me.  There is a hungry student in all of us!    My mind was fed and my soul energized by the work we were doing, and I couldn't wait to share that energy with my kids.  Learning is hard work, and I knew it was going to take time and practice to implement.  Having felt the hard work, AND the payoff of that delicious learning energy, I wanted it even more for my kids, for my home.  The way we had been learning, while the best I could do, just didn't seem like enough anymore. I experienced time management in such a beautiful, uplifting way- the short lessons were now alive to me.  I could now see the school day as both the whole and its parts.  The question and answer sessions that followed were an invaluable time to process and fine-tune the experience.  I went away with solid confidence in what I could create in my home- the atmosphere and day-to-day schedule no longer a mystery, but an experience I had had with my own heart and mind. – Sara Fisk

Articles in Print
-Home Education Family Magazine, May 2012
-Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators, June 2010 

Speaking Resume

  • In a Large Room, Washington D.C., 2/2/17
  • Charlotte Mason Experience Immersion, Sauk Center, MN, 3/18/17
  • Educating the Heart, Gilbert, AZ, 4/6/17
  • Charlotte Mason Institute Conf., Wilmore, KY, Asbury University, 6/14/17
  • Living Education Retreat, Okoboji, Iowa, 7/6/17
  • CM West Conference at Puget Sound, Federal Way, WA, 9/29/17
  • Weekend of Living Ideas, Spirit Lake, IA, 10/20/17
  • Grace to Build Retreat, Black Mountain, NC, 10/3/17
  • Ideas For Living Retreat, Brownstown, IN 2/2016
  • Charlotte Mason Institute Conf., Wilmore, KY, Asbury Seminary, 7/2016
  • Living Education Retreat, Okoboji, IA 8/2016
  • Delightful Living, A CM Education Seminar, Menahga, MN 9/2016
  • Weekend of Living Ideas, Spirit Lake, IA 10/2016
  • The Field Before Us Peoria, IL 11/2016
  • Parents' Midwest Educational Union, Windom, MN 12/2015
  • Grace to Build Retreat, Black Mountain, NC 11/2015
  • Living Ideas Retreat, Okoboji, IA 10/2015
  • Rochester Area Charlotte Mason Gathering, Rochester, MN 9/2015
  • Wonder Together, Ontario, Canada, 8/2015
  • Living Education Retreat, Villa Maria Retreat Center, Frontenac, MN 7/2015
  • Charlotte Mason Institute Conference, Wilmore, KY 6/2015
  • Awakening Session, Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN, 5/2015
  • Homewoods Gathering, Little Flock, Arkansas, 5/2015
  • Awakening - teacher training workshops -Windom, MN  5/14, 12/14, 5/15
  • CM Gathering, A Continuing Conversation, Peoria, IL – 7/2014
  • Living Education Retreat, Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN – 7/2014
  • AHEC, Pigeon Forge, TN – 6/2014
  • Gardner-Webb University, Charlotte Mason Institute, Boiling Springs, NC – 6/2014
  • NICHE Conference, Des Moines, IA – 5/2014
  • Sioux Falls, SD, Small Things Seminar – 1/2014
  • Rochester, MN, Small Things Seminar - 8/2013
  • Living Education Retreat Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN - 7/2013
  • Ferrum College,Charlotte Mason Institute Conference, Ferrum, NC,- 6/2013
  • Marshall-Lyon County Library, Small Things Seminar, Marshall, MN - 5/2013
  • Mission Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Small Things Seminar, St. Paul, MN - 5/2013
  • Cathedral High School, Small Things Seminar, St. Cloud, MN - 3/2013
  • Living Education Retreat  Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN - 7/2012
  • ChildLight USA Conference  Gardner-Webb University,  Boiling Springs, NC - 6/2012
  • Living Education Retreat  Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN - 7/2011
  • ChildLight USA Conference  Gardner-Webb University,  Boiling Springs, NC - 6/2011
  • Teacher Inservice Presentation Mountain Lake Christian School  Mt. Lake, MN - 8/2010
  • Living Education Retreat  Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN - 7/2010
  • ChildLight USA Conference   Gardner-Webb University Boiling Springs, NC - 6/2010
  • Prairie States Christian Home Educators' Conference Sioux Falls, SD - 5/2010
  • Living Education Retreat   Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, MN - 7/2009
  • ChildLight USA Conference   Garnder-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC - 6/2009
  • Living Education Retreat   Windom, MN - 9/2008
  • Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)  Duluth, MN - 4/2008
  • A Day Away   Mt. Pleasant, MI - 7/2007

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